A one-to-one, tailor-made offering to support you on your path.


- You have identified one or several aspects of your life in which you want to make progress, complete a project?
- You don't know what it is but you sense something is missing to get you fulfilled in your life?
- You don't know how but you feel the need to enquire with this with a tailor-made and dedicated support to help you with this?

Example topics: Resourcing; Self-confidence; Communication; Leadership; Support for new job; Change Management; Professional / Personal transition; Emotions & Stress management; Burn-out prevention / recovery; Work-life balance; Finding new direction. Finding resources for a specific challenge in your life


Be it for a one-off session or a deeper journey to support you on a transformational path, my intention is to bring you an opportunity and resources to discover, refine, do this/these next step(s) that you need to do. In order to do this I bring with me all my tools, my competences, my know-how, and my benevolent listening and support.

So - If you are curious and are willing to walk on this path that is yours, reach out! And let's see how I may support you in a good and empowering way for you.


There is a wide variety of approaches and good and effective tools available with coaching, and the tools and - however what matters is that you find someone who is good for you - someone with whom you feel that you can make progress in a good and thriving way for you.

This being said - Here are the different approaches I have been trained in and am working with. Depending on the topic you bring, the approach that best supports you and you feel good to work with, I use either or a combination of some of the following tools. Sometimes it's driven by logic and rational mind, other times it's more right-brain driven and creative.

There may be some iteration in the process - this is a natural pathway. It's like when you get to know someone who is becoming your friend and that you want to support - you establish a ground of trust and see what would best work. 


One specific aspect is that work with and combine the intelligences of the Body, Heart and Mind, that I use for individuals, teams and businesses & organizations. Amongst these tools:

  • Coaching: NLP Logical Levels of Change (G. Bateson / R. Dilts), NLP Meta-Programs, Transactional Analysis (E. Berne). Nonviolent Communication - developing empathy (Marshall B. Rosenberg); Solution-oriented Therapy (Bill O'Hanlon - M. Erickson). Active Listening. Sponsoring. Mentoring. Archetypal work (C. G. Jung)
  • Mindfulness in Motion. Movement, Rhythm.
  • Project Management, MindMapping