DECOUVRIR Les Ateliers Mindfulness in Motion

These classes are between 1h-3h and they are an opportunity to include the Life of your Movement into the Movement of your Life



Mindfulness in Motion Classes are a space where you can discover and explore the gifts of this "Intentional Movement" practice, and where you may become familiar with tools that you may use in your everyday life, personal and/or professional.

Movement is both a practice and a metaphor, a tool to facilitate and support change and resourcing, and to restore and grow the joy of being who you are.

This is for you if:

- You don't know what it is exactly, but you are curious to discover what good gifts it has to bring you.
- You are at a stage of your life where you need tobring some goodness and nourishing to yourself.
- You want to feel better in your shoes, become more confident in your capacity, and to re-connect to who you really are and to what makes you happy and joyful.
- You Love to move, dance, meditate, and meet with other people who do the same.
- You are strongly in your head, in your reflexive mind, and you want to give more space to other parts of your self.
- You are struggling to deal with your stress level or your emotions..

 Movement Medicine is a simple way that allows you to (re-) discover what goodness the intelligence of your body, heart and mind has to bring you in your everyday life, and to support to identify and/or manifest your dreams.

Be most welcome!




Here are examples of themes used for one-off or series of classes.

Find the complete calendar of upcoming offerings on the Calendar



Like the Surrounding Nature, we are litterally made of these elements (the Earth-matter of our Bodies, the Fire within our Cells and in our Hearts, the Water of Life that runs through us, the Air that connects us and lives us).
In these classes, we will take some time to listen to and to let ourselves discover more of the goodness of what this alive and vibrant Nature within us has to bring us.

Upcoming Classes : 17/9, 24/9, 1/10, 15/10 in Genappe (BE)



Beyond what one may think about what Dance is, about what a good or nice Dance is, Movement is a whole universe of possibilities that opens up when we give ourselves a time and space to listen and follow the Movement of what lives within and through us.

Here is an invitation to explore, to find out, to create and re-create!



Heart is an Alchemist's place to transform and heal. When we are present and rooted in our moving bodies, a new space opens up to move our e-motions (energy in motion) from a resourced place where we are connected to the intelligence of our intuition.



What if Live was a party to celebrate? 

Here is an invitation to include the joy of who you truly are, and to share this with others, with a group, and with Life that is around us!