Between 4h to 5 Days, Mindfulness in Motion Workshops are a space where you will have an opportunity to dive deeper in who you are and bring the transformative power of Movement into your life.

They include movement, creativity, sharings, and are a possibility to bring together the multiple sources of intelligence and wisdom into an offering to who you are and what you want to live



Mindfulness in Motion Workshops are a space where you can go deeper and transform.

They are a space of enquiry and discovery of what lives us, they are a time dedicated to contacter et libérer qui vous êtes vraiment so that you may bring a sustainable change into your life. More fulfilled, connected to the essence of who you are, you will have the possibility to strengthen the assembly of who you are in order to manifest your dreams, small or big, dreams of a Life filled with joy of being who you are AND on your path to the most accomplished version of who you may become..

Through Movement, as well as creativity, sharings, through finding yourself and with the support of the group, you will have the possibility to bring more care, moreexpression, more freedom, more joy in this journey, and take these gifts with you in your life.


Amongst modalities that are used during these workshops: Movement Medicine, that brings together free and spontaneous movement, neurosciences, constellations. I also include all the tools that I trained with, from coaching to group dynamics, to change management support - as well as my listening skills and the care I bring to include what is present, so that we may finetune to what may best support you.

These workshops are not only an experience, but they also embed a clear intention to gather resources and tools so that you may live a more fulfilled life.

This is for you if:
- You don't know what it is exactly, but you are curious to discover what good gifts it has to bring you.
- You are at a stage of your life where you want/need tobring some goodness and nourishing to yourself; to reinvent yourself, and need to take a real time and space outside your daily life . Exploring with the support of this space and of the group.
- You want to feel better in your shoes, become more confident in your capacity, and to re-connect to who you really are and what brings you joy.
- You Love to move, dance, meditate, and meet with other people that do the same, even if you have never learnt or don't know how to.
- You are strongly in your head, in your reflexive mind, and you want to give more space to other parts of your self.
- You feel called by the theme and offering, or there is something intuitive that tells you to enquire with this.

Be most welcome!




Simple themes that give space toenquire and explore the fundamentals of who we are as human beings. In this extraordinarily complex world, meeting with the core and moving essence of who we are are a core key to unlock and open the doors of a happy life.

Amongst offered workshops - and there are other ones and yet to come, here are a few:


Becoming Yourself in the Dance of Life

In this Western society that has taught us to "do as the others" in order to be accepted, the question of individuality and of bringing oneself back to the center of your life, to "take care of yourself first" is often judged and considered egoistic or even egocentric, that would be at the expence of others. On the other side, bringing one's attention first to others is often considered and highly valued as generosity, even if this may go up to denying oneself.

How to move between those paradoxes and find balance that is both good for oneself AND for others in this world?



Intégrer la Puissance des Emotions

Une Vie vécue avec cœur est une vie sans regrets. Lorsque nous suivons nos aspirations les plus profondes, nous trouvons la force de faire ce qu’il faut pour créer et vivre une vie épanouissante pour nous-mêmes, pour ceux qui nous sont proches, et dans le monde. Pour autant, la connexion avec nos émotions est parfois éprouvante, submergeante, déconcertante – ce qui nous amène parfois à nous couper de nos émotions, à nous anesthésier – ou alors de ne plus savoir comment gérer cette vie qui bouge en nous.
This Workshop is an invitation and an opportunity to strengthen and build your resources to tap into this amazing creative potential and to bring it into movement in your Life and in the world.


Body, Heart, Mind: Become the Artist of your Life

In this world that spins faster and faster, it is sometimes easy to feel lost and without clarity on how to find a balance between who we are, what we need, and what is going on around us. How to bring together our minds and our hearts? How to listen to and include the wisdom of our bodies in motion so as to live the life you dream?


Open up to the Beauty of the New Year

Be it at an individual or collective level, the beginning of a year is an opportunity to take time to look at what is present in our lives, and to bring our intentions for this new cycle. What are your wishes, your dreams for this upcoming year? What new actions to make or ways of being may you practice in order to live closer to the manifestation of your deepest dreams? And how to embody and make this concrete?

This Movement Medicine workshop intends to bring care in this transition space. A deep dive to meet the source of your resources that you need for now, as a way to support you and lead you to the most magnificent beginning of the year.